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The Polk County School Board and Superintendent broke faith with its teachers and support staff this past Friday by declaring impasse via phone call at 5:05 pm. We knew, when they brought their Tallahassee hired gun attorneys in at the beginning of this process, they were not looking to solve issues. They brought a 0% salary proposal to the table in October and stated in the Lakeland Ledger we “should counter their offer” of ZERO! Then they delayed getting us the salary data needed to prepare an appropriate proposal. When we counter proposed their ZERO offer they said allow us time to review, so did they return to the table to counter? No, they declared IMPASSE, via phone and a follow up letter with NO COUNTER OFFER GIVEN. Shameful and disrespectful to the teachers and support staff of this county. Your union needs you! Stand with your bargaining team and come to the School Board meeting on January 24th at 5 pm and tell the Polk County School Board to Bargain with Honest Intent!


We will begin gathering at 4:30 pm. More information will be coming as we progress forward.


In Solidarity,