Download nominations forms here.  Nomination forms are due by 5:00 pm on March 13th in the PEA office. Please follow the instructions on the nomination form.

NEA—Representative Assembly Washington DC July 1—July 5, 2017

The nominations are open for delegates to the NEA-RA this summer in Boston, Massachussetts. 

There are sixteen (16) seats available. Delegates must attend all FEA caucus meetings, be present on the floor for all meetings, and vote in the elections. Please only volunteer to run for an NEA-RA delegate seat if you are committed to attending the NEA-RA in Boston, MA this summer. If we receive 16 or fewer nominations, lots will be drawn to determine the receipt of the FEA stipend. The two nominees whose names are drawn first and second will each be awarded an FEA stipend of $700 and must follow the delegate rules above. If any nominee that receives the FEA stipend declines the stipend, then the stipend will go to the next nominee on the ordered list. There is no compensation other than the two delegates that receive the stipend, all others must pay their own way.  


FEA—Delegate Assembly Orlando, FL October 26—October 28

PEA has 79 seats open for the FEA-DA. Lots will be drawn by the nominees or their designee to determine the receipt of duty release and hotel rooms. PEA will also pay for 10 hotel rooms for delegates. The rooms will be double occupancy and you will be assigned a roommate. The first 20 names drawn will receive duty release time and a hotel room to attend to convention. All others will need to use personal leave time for Friday October 27th. If any nominee that receives duty release or hotel room space declines it, then the duty release or hotel room will go to the next nominee on the ordered list.



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