The Polk Education Association announces that the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer are now open for nomination. These positions are for a 3-year term that begins on July 1, 2019 and ends on June 30, 2022.


If there are multiple candidates for any office, an election will be conducted by US Mail as per the Department of Labor guidelines on union officer elections. Each PEA member will be mailed a ballot to their current home address. All ballots must be returned by US mail to be secured and accounted for. The ballots will be counted on April 30, 2019 at the PEA office, 5:30 pm. PEA members are welcome to watch the ballot counting. The officers will then be announced at the May 2nd, PEA Board of Directors meeting.  


SAMPLE BALLOT - review the sample ballot here



YOCUM for PEA President

Stephanie YOCUM for PEA President

I’m humbled to announce I am running to represent you as your next Polk Education Association President.


I'm in my 10th year teaching and my 3rd year in Polk County at Lake Gibson Senior. Before I moved to Lakeland, I was vice president of the Levy County Education Association for 1.5 years and an active member of the bargaining team for 3 years. During my time as VP I went to FEA leadership trainings which deepened my understanding of the value of the union, as well as specific strategies at the bargaining table and for member recruitment.


I’m serving my 2nd term as PEA rep at LG. During this time, my school-based membership has grown and become more engaged. I actively campaigned for PEA-PAC and FEA endorsed candidates during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles. I realize our fight for salary increases and decent, affordable insurance is not with the district, but with Tallahassee. Elections have consequences, and our representatives have been clear in their intentions to starve districts and destroy our neighborhood schools. The only way to get back local control and tax dollars to our school districts is to elect representatives who truly care about public education.


Even in my short tenure at LG, I have gained the confidence of the members at my school. If they’re called into a meeting and get just a whiff that it’s disciplinary, they say, “I need Yocum.” That in and of itself speaks volumes: they know I have their back; I stand up for them; and when I don’t know an answer, I seek out guidance. I will bring that same dedication and work ethic to this association as a whole with fierce advocacy, tireless energy, and the ability to learn and adapt.  


Sherry Ross -  no picture or candidate statement submitted


Cynthia White - no picture or candidate statement submitted



NEA—Representative Assembly Houston TX, July 3—July 7, 2019

The nominations are open for delegates to the NEA-RA this summer in Houston, TX. 

There are sixteen (16) seats available. Delegates must attend all FEA caucus meetings, be present on the floor for all meetings, and vote in the elections. Please only volunteer to run for an NEA-RA delegate seat if you are committed to attending the NEA-RA this summer.

If we receive 16 or fewer nominations, lots will be drawn to determine the receipt of the FEA and PEA stipends. The four (4) nominees whose names are drawn first, second, third, and fourth will each be awarded either an FEA stipend or a PEA stipend of $700 and must follow the delegate rules above. If any nominee that receives either the FEA or the PEA stipend declines the stipend, then that stipend will go to the next nominee on the ordered list. There is no compensation other than the four (4) delegates that receive the stipend, all others must pay their own way.


Delegates:   Lorinda Utter, Stephanie Yocum, Susan Cameron


FEA—Delegate Assembly Orlando, FL October 17—October 19, 2019

PEA has 79 seats open for the FEA-DA. Lots will be drawn by the nominees or their designee to determine the receipt of duty release and hotel rooms. PEA will also pay for 10 hotel rooms for delegates. The rooms will be double occupancy and you will be assigned a roommate. The first 20 names drawn will receive duty release time and a hotel room to attend to convention. All others will need to use personal leave time for Friday, October 18th. If any nominee that receives duty release or hotel room space declines it, then the duty release or hotel room will go to the next nominee on the ordered list.



Stephanie Yocum, James Palmer, Lorinda Utter, Rebecca Painter, Aislinn Painter, Lisa Marini-Scherer, Sylvia Richardson, Susan Cameron, Beth Hines, Sandy Doyle, Kari Walker, Kim McDermaid, Veronica Green, Eric Saporito, Laura Allgood, Jessica Farler, Nancy Fish, Graciela Dickson, Rhonda Rice, Ryan Mate, James Neal III, Lou Ann Edwards, Kaila Paige-Culmer, Dawn Strickland.  



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