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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is FLEX time for teachers?
  2. What is Comp time for Paraeducators or Secretaries?
  3. What is the Dress Code?
  4. How and when is school recognition money distributed?
  5. How do I make sure that I am assigned a fair amount of non-instructional duties?
  6. I feel like I am being questioned or investigated. What should I do?
  7. I am a para or secretary and I am not getting my lunch, breaks and am being asked to work additional time. What can I do?
  8. As a teacher, more and more is being added to my workload. How can I make sure that I am doing the important things first and get some relief from the non-important items?
  9. Planning time is being eroded by scheduled meetings, emergency meetings, training, PD, and PLCs. How much planning time should I get?
  10. I need help in understanding the student discipline process.
  11. I have read the flyer on student discipline and need to learn more about removing students from my classroom and writing referrals.
  12. How are ESE students disciplined compared to the regular students?
  13. I am told we don't have money for supplies and that I need to buy my own paper, ink, etc.
  14. How can I see what is in my personnel file?
  15. When and how can I take personal leave? sick leave?
  16. As a para that is being asked to be a classroom substitute, what are my contractual rights?
  17. My class size is over the cap of 18 (K-3), 22  (4-8), or 25 for high school.  What happens if my class size is over the limit?
  18. What are 'work days' and 'staff development' days?  How much time to I have for planning, required meetings, etc.?
  19. Which Early Release days are mine to use for planning and which may be used for Staff Development?
  20. What does that contract say about mandatory staff meetings as well as training or PLC time scheduled by the principal?
  21. As a teacher, how many after school and evening activities can I be expected or required to attend?
  22. The feedback I receive in Journey isn't clear or actionable. What should I do?
  23. How much is the Teacher Supply Assistance and when do I get it?