Classroom Resources

  AFT Resources

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) launched Tools For Teachers a new online forum that will provide professional tools, resources and collaboration on issues facing teachers in the classroom. 




  Share My Lesson

This Web-based resource provides a free, open, teacher-directed environment where educators can share their best resources, lesson plans and materials with each other. Members who have used the resource are very excited about being able to see what their colleagues from across the country are doing and being able to share their own best practices. 



first book  First Book

Let's get books in the hands of our needy students!

The Polk Education Association is partnering with First Book, an award-winning nonprofit that gets high-quality, brand-new books to children from low-income families. Through First Book’s online Marketplace, you and your school or program can order top-quality children’s books at a deep discount—the average book price is $2.50. Register with First Book today!




  NEA Resources

The National Education Association (NEA) website is a place for teachers to find new ideas in lesson planning, best practices,  and classroom management as well as sharing ideas with others that work.  The blog Works4Me allows teachers to share practical tips with educators across the nation.



overlook_book  A to Z Resources

Explore a diverse collection of lesson plans, activities, and web resources for teachers, esp, students, and students' families. PEA members will need to use their ACCESS card to log in to access this information.