Survey 2012


PEA Payroll Frequency


All teachers, paraeducators and ESP/secretaries were surveyed with 3674 responses and a response rate of 42%.


The payroll frequency that I prefer is:

  • 27% I like being paid once a month; don't change it. (12 paychecks)

  • 62% I would prefer to be paid every two weeks. (26 paychecks)

  • 11% I don't care how often I receive my paycheck; all options are fine with me.


Please tell us if you would like the option to collect your pay over 10 months versus 12 months as it is currently.

  • 91% I prefer my pay over 12 months.(example: If monthly - 12 checks, if bi-weekly - 26 checks)

  • 7% I prefer my pay over 10 months. (example: If monthly - 10 checks, if bi-weekly - 21 checks)


This was a survey only. Now the results need to be part of bargaining if we are to implement any changes. Stay updated on what is happening at the bargaining table by clicking BARGAINING in the left menu.